Electrostatz Technology

Self Biasing Electrostatic &
Dome Driver Headphone Hybrid

Unlike conventional dynamic speakers that use heavy and bulky magnets, coils, and cones to push air to create sound waves, Electrostaz utilize a thin, almost weightless, membrane as the diaphragm to push air to create the sound–from both sides of the speaker. These are called electrets and in the headphones are housed in a small encasing.

This is highly efficient with incredibly clear sound replication—especially at the mid and upper frequencies.

Traditional Electrostatic headphones need a separate power transformer to provide sufficient power to drive them. Electrostatz self biasing properties mean that only a small amount of power is needed (less that 1 volt).

The Electrostatz thin membrane negates the need for the bulky cones of traditional speakers, yet in headphones an Electrostatz diaphragm is combined in a hybrid configuration, that gives the audio engineers a broad canvas of sound in which they can be very precise in their tuning of the sound output.

Different models of headphones can be designed aesthetically and also sound output fine tuned to cater for the different preferences of different listeners. This means a rich deep heavy bass for the younger generation,through to a more precise balanced sound for the audiophile or the pro audio engineers and professional DJ’s.

Most loudspeakers in the market can be distinguished as an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker or an Electrostatic Loudspeakers (ESLs). Since the electrodynamic loudspeakers were first developed, it has continuously dominated the market. However, ESLs are perceived as the Rolls Royce of speakers with highest quality of sound superior to the more common Electrodynamic loudspeakers.


Why the professionals love
electrostatic loudspeakers?

Because the characteristic of sound, of course!

The extremely thin diaphragm of ESLs have much less mass than most other drivers and therefore a much quicker than normal cone drivers dynamic response.It is thought that this speed maintains the purity of the signal,as it journeys along its path. ESLs have absolute advantage on frequency response, both amplitude and phase, along with musical transparency compared to electrodynamic loudspeakers.A conventional ESLs’ diaphragm is held at a DC (Direct Current) potential of several kilovolts by an external DC ( power supply)bias, and there are some other difficulties in the manufacturing process that hamper the purity of the sound quality. The price of ESLs is commonly thousands of pounds, which is the primary reason this quality of sound has not been accessible to most of us.

We utilize the innovative design of using nano-meso porous electrets material to substitute the conventional ESLs’ diaphragm, breaking through the external DC bias constraint of ESLs high power needs). We successfully developed the Electrets-electrostatic Flexible Loudspeakers (EFLs) to be driven by an electric field without an external DC bias. Therefore, EFLs are capable of generating the same sound quality as ESLs, but are lighter, thinner, and even flexible. Moreover, EFLs are not influenced by Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).